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When the Gorgon’s Wishes Become Another Legend of Ake Ake

Carved Silver Collection Portraying Aesthetic of Venomous Serpents

Ake Ake is ready to launch another legend chapter from the shattering point in the historical war between the goddess Athena and god of the Sea, Poseidon. The Greek mythology says that …


“There was a beautiful chaste priestess serving in Athena’s temple and she’s named ‘Medusa’. One day, while she’s on duty in the sacred place, she’s raped by Poseidon. This enormously enraged Athena, but she could not simply defeat him.”

“At last, the rage drove Athena to transform Medusa and her two older sisters to dreadful monsters with terrifying snakes on their heads. They were called ‘Gorgons’. They were strongly powerful as they could immediately turn those who beheld them to stone.”

Ake Ake’s The Gift of the Gorgon as Everyone’s Best Wishes​

The 2019 collection of Ake Ake has then brought the uniqueness of the Gorgons’ legend to engrave in their handcrafted work, from the step of designing to those of burnishing. This results in the fierce genuine silver accessories. Upon seeing, you will feel like transforming to stone from the curse. In this collection, there are several exclusive symbols. For instance, The Fangs are the powerful venomous sacred weapons to destroy opponents, The Scales are the one-of-a-kind pattern engraved in serpent skin, and The Serpents are the slithery movements of the Gorgons.

Ake Ake’s fans can own The Gorgon Serpent Ring, The Gorgon Fangs Ring, The Gorgon Collector Ring, The Gorgon Serpent Twin Ring, The Gorgon Earring Stud, The Gorgon Serpent Bangle, and etc from 1,000 to 11,000 baht at Ake Ake, 1st Floor, Siam Center.