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Good Appetite with Signature Dishes from Royal Project’s Superb Ingredients

Merrily celebrate this lively festival with healthy food for your heart and body from 37 famous restaurants at Siam Paragon.

 “You are what you eat”, a common saying among health-conscious people, is a classic inspiration for all of us to start taking good care of our health. Eat healthy starts with the focus on quality and nutritious ingredients. Importantly, every sip here is emotionally rewarding because products here help support farmers affiliated with the Royal Project Foundation, sustaining their occupation and source of income.

Siam Paragon in collaboration with the Royal Project Foundation are holding an annual event called “Royal Project Gastronomy Festival at Siam Paragon” to have the chefs from 37 well-known restaurants in Siam Paragon to create delicious dishes from high-quality ingredients. With the concept “Eat Well, Live Well, Be Well”, everyone can taste the delectable food as well as having good health as another present. This extraordinariness is served from December 5-31, 2019 only.

And these are the first 16 dishes made from the Royal Project’s ingredients, such as crayfish, Bresse chicken, Hass avocados, mushrooms, Japanese pumpkin, passion fruits, and tea leaves. You will be impressed with every mouthful of the prestigious dishes.

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Harrods, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Harrods Pumpkin Soup

Organic Garden Salad

Roasted Organic Chicken With Rosemary Gravy Sauce


Chilli Thai Restaurant, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Tom Yum with Crayfish

Som Tum with Beetroot


Bangwan, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Smoked Bresse Chicken Sandwich with Passion Fruit Sauce


Another Hound Café, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Salmon Namplawan

Aromatic Kapi Goong Omelette

Banh Hoi With Grilled “Thai Black Cow” Beef

Kurobuta Pork Boat Noodle

Le Bua-Loy

Handcrafted Avocado Scoop


Hua Seng Hong, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Fried Shrimp with Tea Leaves

Baked Chicken with Tea Leaves + Green Tea Mantou


Iberry, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Passion Fruit Oolong Iced Tea


Mugendai Steakhouse, G Floor, Siam Paragon

Tea Set

Royal Project Gastronomy Festival at Siam Paragon serves healthy and tasty food at Siam Paragon, from December 5-31, 2019 only.