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VIZ CARD : Get 50% Discount at Jamie Oliver Kitchen

21 December – 31 December 2019

VIZ Cardholders get 50% discount on Food and Beverage*
Reserved for dinning at Jamie Oliver Kitchen, G Fl., Siam Discovery ONLY.

- Special promotion during 21-31DEC’19 ONLY.
- VIZ Card or VIZ Mobile App must be presented at participating stores.
- Limit to 1 member/ 1 sales slip/ 1 table ONLY.
- Discount limits to 5,000THB/ 1 Sales Slip/ 1 Table (Equals to 10,000THB spending ONLY). Throughout the promotional period.
- Co-Promotion not applied.
- Purchase by sellers of participating brands not applied with the promotion.
- T&C of promotion is confirmed by the company. Please check T&C at Redemption Counter.
- The company reserves the right to alter terms and conditions (T&C) without prior notice.
- The company is not responsible for any errors due to the communication of the sellers of participating brands. 
- For more information, please contact VIZ Lounge, Siam Center, G FL., or Siam Discovery, G Fl.